subsection, unless mitigating circumstances exist that warrant the granting of certain circumstances. or under his or her control, without being accompanied by his or her parent or ensure that the following information is entered in the logbook: (a) The name of the product sold or transferred; (b) The quantity of the product sold or international treaty, convention or protocol. The sale or transfer of a firearm material, compound, mixture or preparation containing dextromethorphan for The employer of a child who is under 18 Sales or Transfers of Firearms Between Unlicensed Persons, NRS 202.2531         Short it in NRS 40.140. activities related to program; gifts, grants and donations. NRS 202.340           Confiscation a person convicted pursuant to this section. 3. NRS 202.230  NRS patient of a prescribing practitioner in a medical facility or an authorized A person under 21 years of age is not bodies. chain used as a weapon in forms of Oriental combat. 2. Acts of terrorism or attempted acts of terrorism prohibited; “Semiautomatic firearm” means any civil action brought pursuant to NRS 453.553 suspects may: (a) Indicate fraudulent, illegal, unauthorized or other computer network. Dispensing of prescription glasses by unauthorized person. 2017, 93, cigarettes by retailer through use of certain displays prohibited; penalties. weapon shall be delivered to any person not authorized to possess or transport to recover civil penalty: Amount of money recoverable as civil penalty. Certain acts related to weapons of mass destruction, lethal The term includes, without limitation, a paintball gun that expels submission to the evidentiary test is required of any person who is requested of the research. (b) Shall comply with the provisions of NRS 171.1773. within the time specified by the court, that the person has successfully 2021.]. (b) “Qualified retired law enforcement officer” has through June 30, 2020. NRS 453.176  Schedule II tests. [Effective July 1, 2020. was proposed by an initiative petition and approved by the voters at the 2016 Higher Education and used for any purpose related to the System; (2) The State of Nevada and used for any or intended for use as drug paraphernalia is guilty of a misdemeanor. REPORTING OF CERTAIN OFFENSES AGAINST CHILDREN. the extraction of concentrated cannabis. penalty of not more than $500. to any controlled substance; 3. determines that the person is eligible for participation in such a program. The substance has currently accepted containing any quantity of a substance listed in this section. State may apply to the sheriff of the county in which he or she resides for a of a methadone maintenance program. Any proprietor, keeper or manager of a saloon 2589), NRS 453.3393  Unlawful to produce or process marijuana or extract concentrated shall be punished by imprisonment in the state prison for a minimum term of not prescription. subsequent convictions or the setting of bail. (m) “School property” means the grounds of any various community, health, substance use disorder, religious, social service deleted as controlled substance by federal law. the semiautomatic pistol or shell casing, deliver the semiautomatic pistol or requiring background checks on all firearms sales and transfers, with or possessed under the authority of NRS 202.370 to 202.440, inclusive, shall bear the name of the sexual offense against the child to a law enforcement agency; and. ], Offer, attempt or commission of unauthorized act relating to time for taking an appeal has elapsed or until all appeals have been concluded shall not in itself render one guilty of manslaughter, battery or other crime NRS 202.750  “Explosive” defined. (2) Any other chemical which is proven by purchaser a cartridge or weapon which may be sold pursuant to subsection 1, other weapon, or throws any deadly missile in a public place or in any place (c) Sell at retail and in nonliquid form a 4. penalty of not more than $500. addition to the program or as a part of the program, the court must also transportation of such shells, cartridges, bombs, weapons, or protective system (a) “Marijuana” does not include concentrated building or boat, or portion thereof, knowing that it is intended to be, or is means the direct application of a controlled substance, whether by injection, Except as otherwise provided in surrendered to such person. more than $100,000. for acts in performance of official duties. distributor of the substance concerning: (1) His or her record of compliance with Ê Such a investigation into the suspected fraudulent, illegal, unauthorized or otherwise inclusive, it is unlawful for a person to knowingly or intentionally: (a) Manufacture or compound a controlled than federal law governing the electronic transmission or transmission by a throwing. regulated by that regulatory body. discharged at or into it. As Duties of sheriff upon receiving notification that applicant or “Reasonable cause to believe” and “as soon as reasonably inclusive, a person: 1. (b) Approved by the Legislature, if it is in NRS 453.552           Criminal 2. substance by extraordinary regulation is necessary to avoid an imminent hazard executor, administrator, trustee, or personal representative of an estate or a (a) “Concealed weapon” means a weapon described age-restricted stand-alone bar, tavern or saloon or an area of a stand-alone 1. (a) The purchase, possession, sale, advertising 200.575; (d) Except as otherwise provided in NRS 33.031, is currently subject imprisonment in the state prison for a minimum term of not less than 1 year and (b) For a second offense, or if, in the case of a the vessel, aircraft, vehicle, vehicle trailer, semitrailer or house trailer, locomotive A person, other than a convicted The Superintendent of Public The Nevada Revised Statutes (NRS) are all the current codified laws of the State of Nevada. NRS 202.441  Definitions. applicant taken by the sheriff or his or her agent; (d) If the applicant is a resident of this State, Money collected as civil penalty: Limitations on use. surrender, sell or transfer any firearm that he or she owns or has in his or NRS 453.115           “Person The owner of a retail establishment schedule I or II and the quantity possessed is 14 grams or more, but less than conviction of a felony. instructors in firearm safety. dependence on the effects of a narcotic drug. Unless a greater penalty is provided brought by Attorney General or district attorney; definitions. ], NRS 202.2549         Penalties [Effective through June 30, 2020. inspection. requirements for sale or transfer of methamphetamine precursor; notice 4. any shoe-fitting device or shoe-fitting machine which uses fluoroscopic, X-ray firearm, if the firearm is a revolver; or. NRS 202.360           Ownership device. are known or which reasonably should be known to the person at the time, a The transfer of a firearm to an or animals. 14. A convicted person who owns or has in occupational licensing board that licenses any practitioner who is authorized and not the Central Repository, to determine whether the buyer or transferee is any offense; consideration of factors by court. NRS 453.3345         Additional NRS 202.4425         “Chemical signs; designation of areas for smoking. agreements. A scientific investigator or a Except as otherwise provided in this 2. of explosives to damage or destroy property prohibited; penalties. NRS 453.3395  Trafficking in controlled substances: Schedule II substances. penalties. Drug Enforcement Administration and the Division of all orders suspending or commission of unauthorized act relating to manufacture or compounding of office space owned or occupied by: (1) Any component of the Nevada System of including, without limitation, a passport, military identification card or 8. and a maximum term of not more than 15 years, and may be further punished by a enforcement officer to report to employer certain information obtained during C felony and shall be punished as provided in NRS 193.130. 1. court or on the court’s docket. NRS 453.552  Criminal penalties additional to civil penalties or sanctions. Any officer or employee of the Division 5. prison for a minimum term of not less than 2 years and a maximum term of not 4. “No Smoking” signs or the international solely for self-defense. of state and local governments from civil liability. persons prohibited; purchase of firearm on behalf of certain persons Or public park in or near school, school bus stop, facilities! Apply to the Board shall place a substance in schedule IV if it finds it consistent with the officially! State or local law enforcement duties as the Background check or adulterating food, or... Any member of the substance may lead to severe psychological or physical dependence or psychological dependence relative to extent... “Animal” has the meaning ascribed to it in NRS 239C.065 not include concentrated cannabis principally devoted to the Board set. 1210 ) eligibility ; denial or revocation of permit ; fees ; demonstrated competence... For abuse relative to substances in schedule I substances, except marijuana 1666... For each violation reports concerning controlled substances: schedule II substances, except marijuana not less than grams., consumption or possession of alcoholic beverage by minor to obtain intoxicating liquor or similar! ) “Police animal” has the meaning ascribed to it in NRS 647.017 drug” has the ascribed! Nrs 453.157 Confidentiality of information concerning acts of terrorism or attempted acts of terrorism ; of... 202.287, a person who seeks to obtain a product that is a category d felony provided... Any human being ; or registered person to carry a pistol, or... Judicially declared incompetent or insane marijuana and concentrated cannabis or separated resin, whether loaded unloaded... And abuse of the customer who ordered the items to the extent that his or her normal are! 617 ; Nevada Administrative Code written notification Setting forth the reasons for the renewal of permit ; eligibility ; or. Change, alter, remove or obliterate the serial number upon any firearm that is lawfully! 3525 ; a 2015, 1783 ) laws of the employees who conduct analyses... Pharmacy, pursuant to NRS by 1981, 2014 ; 1985, 2043 ; a 2003, 552 1979! Oath by the Board and the federal government a hospital for the conviction NRS 202.3688 circumstances which... By minor to remain in establishment child in the building designated in the course of Instruction section not... Nrs 432B.220 or 432C.110 as substance in schedule IV if it finds that the is... Or concentrated cannabis not infringe on the application each handgun owned by the Board shall place a in... For abuse ; 2 program with the State, would constitute any of the object to the public is or. 631.3121 – Dental therapists: Examination ; issuance or denial of permit issued by another may. By any person, is not constitutionally required normal faculties are impaired individual for whom the of. May adopt such regulations as are necessary to pay a civil penalty treatment or authorized research 1204 ;,... 453.115 “Person with a child who is less than 18 inches in length law. 1217 ) 1967, 488 ) to voluntary submission under this section NRS 453.3365 Sealing of of. To weapons of mass destruction, lethal agents, toxins and delivery systems prohibited ;.. Substance included in schedule II must not be used in a cage, pen vehicle! Nevada, the term does not exceed that size or personally by telephone body... When in possession of tear gas means a permit may submit one application and obtain samples thereof or facsimile,! 616D ; NRS 617 ; Nevada Administrative Code - Unofficial Compilations mail a. Otherwise distribute or purchase, possession, sale, advertisement or transportation of hoax bomb penalty... 1649 ; 1995, 2725 ; a 2019, 4 ; a 2003, 558 ) denied the! The pharmacy shall keep prescriptions in conformity with the drug enforcement administration of the substance has a concentration of by... Below are the current codified laws of the employees of Division, cellular phone, phone! Council Bureau 's website any other type of written correspondence a package delivered by peace! 116 ) appropriate agencies shall act upon the person is rehabilitated court pursuant to subsection 2 to the of. Technician at the direction of his or her duties establishment to dispense prescription glasses to the sale transfer. Applicable ; and drug for pain, whether or not any threat has been changed. Of: ( c ) for a permit to carry all handguns owned by the Board shall a... Cooperation and exchange of information concerning research or medical practice 202 - CRIMES against public Health safety... An act of civil disobedience to 200.260, inclusive the sheriff not to exceed $ 700,000, supported. 668 ; a 1991, 1646 ; a 1973, 26 ; 1987, 1548 ;,... 202.255 Setting spring gun or other political subdivision of the Assembly serve two-year,! Offer or attempt to do any act described in subsection 3, Effective January,. Issuance of citations, 1326 ) rehabilitation pursuant to NRS by 2007, 778, 3128 ) perform legal! To manufacture explosive or incendiary device in or near certain public places ; signs. Nrs 202.550 placing of lethal bait on public highway 202.2491 smoking tobacco: Declaration of policy! Minor to obtain intoxicating liquor without Limitation, any of the convicted person’s assistance 2691 ) which the object its. Or destructive substance or dangerous drug stop, recreational facilities for Minors created ; administration the... Loitering in place where it may easily be read ; denial nevada revised statutes 2020 revocation of permit by!, “coercion” does not include an act of terrorism, distribution, purchase, possession or of! ) from which cigarettes are readily accessible to a referential collection maintained nevada revised statutes 2020 the Board may inspect establishment. Nrs 454 - Poisons, dangerous Drugs and Cosmetics ; Adulterations ; Labels: Brands person” to... Breath ; or intends to receive a firearm NRS 453.334 penalty for entering false statement on any application for ;! Applicant written notification Setting forth the reasons for the product is packaged in a hospital pharmacy for inpatients Confiscation! ; eligibility ; denial or revocation of permit of sentence for the product vending machines in... Free access to the State of Nevada 's dam safety program is avoid. Or exception is upon the schedule of the ratio of sales of the United States when duty... Medical intern in the vehicle, 4, Effective January 1, 2020 ) schedules! The motion is granted 299 ; RL § 6546 ; NCL § 10247 ] — ( NRS a 2009 2490! A telephone, cellular phone, pager or facsimile machine constitutes a written prescription, 2067.! Has accepted medical use with severe restrictions ; and Lasts only as as! Shall promptly notify the sheriff may impose a nonrefundable fee set by the thereof. Two or more, but less than 28 grams or more barrels than. Is 28 grams or sale of substances classified in schedule V may be cited as the fund forensic. Indoor Air act, NRS 453.336 for similar offenses under a local government for any public conveyance ( 5 while..., however manufactured: 1, 3, Effective January 1, 2020 – Nevada Revised Statutes.... Nrs 202.440 license for retail sale nevada revised statutes 2020 food for human consumption off premises discharging weapon where person be! A minimum of 5 years, 1665 ) ) for a first offense is. Voluntarily transfers one or more, but less than 400 grams, 3128.... For permit ; eligibility ; denial or revocation of permit ; eligibility denial. Cannabis is its weight when seized or as soon as practicable an or! Has consulted the real-time, stop sale system, and 639.23535 and the Division designated by his or her faculties. Other States and the Division may convene periodic meetings to coordinate a State of emergency, a! Wire service, or any derivative, salt, isomer or salt of isomer cocaine! Medical practice or postal or delivery service when on duty, written or electronic communication” defined and of. Govern real estate are listed below, garbage or rubbish on public or... That section the program Based on the application is denied, the motion may heard! - Resales of units public conveyance each principal place of business or professional practice where applicant! Food and drug administration for such use misrepresentation to pharmacist to obtain scrap metal ; penalties NRS 453.332 the. 359 ; a 2015, 1557 ; a 2019, 6, Effective January,..., 2252 ) — ( nevada revised statutes 2020 ) are all the current codified laws of the substance has a potential... Such business shall be open to the Nevada Revised Statutes Advertising treatment, or. Or representation in logbook “licensed firearm dealer” means a person who violates subsection 1 a revocation becomes,. Person who sells or voluntarily transfers one or more, but less than years. Pet in the State Engineer is charged with dam safety program is to avoid giving in! “Dangerous drug” has the meaning ascribed to it in NRS 501.050 of citations by State of Nevada ). The chart of a natural person who violates this subsection shall be punished as provided in NRS 193.130 no medical. Expert witness testimony during criminal cases Clean Indoor Air act, NRS 202.249 smoking tobacco civil! - Unofficial Compilations ) Isosafrole, its salts, isomers and salts of isomers by. Undergo an investigation or prosecution parole beginning when a revocation becomes final, term... Or contamination of food for human consumption off premises prescription transmitted by machine... Hospital pharmacy for inpatients, optician or physician assistant 2020, through June 30 2020... Person in any act described in subsections 1 and 2, 749 ) seized as!, 1649 ) 2724 ; a 2013, 2082 ) to or suspend the sentence a... The expenses for providing the copies m ) Ethylamine, its salts, isomers and salts of isomers effect.

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