,y milkers are mini nubians and peaked at 1 1/2 gallons of milk (each) in a 24 hour period. Quality grass hay is good for all goats. We saw the same thing when we tried to go grain free many years ago and gave up. Generally, each goat needs about two to four pounds of hay per day, minus what they might forage on pasture. This Can Make All The Difference In Feeding Goats & Alpacas. Good to know. Wethers do not need grain or alfalfa, but if you just give them a little bit as a treat until you’ve used up these bags, they should be fine. So, all of that to ask if you think I should switch to Timothy pellets? Just tie them up tight. You can definitely give them as much as you want of timothy hay pellets on a daily basis, so if you feel you need to give them a treat on a daily basis, the grass hay pellets are a good choice. I started using the pellets because of the exact reason…waste! https://thriftyhomesteader.com/7-tips-for-keeping-bucks-healthy/. You even want your hay to be green inside the bale. Here is more on zinc deficiency — Hay is the main source of nutrients for goats in non-grazing seasons, or all the time if they dont have access to browse. Thanks again! This tea was used as a tonic in the early days in order to treat any kind of ailments. It’s not any different than alfalfa hay when it comes to feeding. Thanks for sharing! Grass hay provides a moderate amount of protein and energy for the goat diet. There’s a mountain lion that’s killing a couple sheep in the neighborhood and I’m trying to get them to come to the front pasture because it well lit. In this video I show you what we feed our goats and also talk about how we started growing our own hay. The leafy fiber strands are longer than the ones produced by a grass hay. If you don’t know what perennial peanut hay is, it’s a forage grass hay made out of the Arachis glabrata plant (also known as rhizoma peanut) and has roughly the same nutritional qualities as alfalfa. This sounds like just what I need. They don’t chew. If your goat has a really high energy need, sure, feed alfalfa! Early to mid-winter is a time when does should be in early pregnancy. Around here they also cost more then good quality goat feed. I would appreciate any suggestions. Is it ok that I feed them alfalfa pellets and 17% kid grower half and half every morning? I’ve heard they can help with the flavor, color, and texture of their yolks. They do not need a goat feed or grain because that’s high in calories and protein, which they do not need, so they are likely to get obese if you feed them that. No more yeasty bales. would benefit from something healthy to occupy their time as they get used to the notion of milking too. I read in a garden forum that alfalfa is never treated with Grazon like hay is, do you know if that is true? It’s a great way to get pasture to them when you don’t have any pasture. and protein in alfalfa. To avoid bloating, it is best that you avoid putting your goat on a pasture that is both wet and rich in alfalfa or clover. Kids that are fast growing can use all of that protein and calcium, but dry adult does can wind up overweight if you feed them alfalfa. Alfalfa is what is most readily available here. They free range and go into their pen at dusk on their own and we shut the gate. The tea, which is prepared by using Alfalfa has a very good nutrient content. We haven’t used alfalfa pellets yet because we have been feeding chaffhaye on the milk stand with the grain mixed in. If you read the label they are usually only 14% protein. We do not milk them, nor will be breeding them. Poop is good! Would you think the 1/2 and 1/2 ratio for winter would be safe? Can I feed this brand of alfalfa pellets? Alfalfa is very high in protein relative to other hays. I have only had goats four months and have two 5 month old Nubian doelings and one 6 month old Boer wether. Alfalfa is used extensively in dairy operations where alfalfa helps deliver high protein and calcium needed for heavy milk production. Plus, they will eat more if they are in a group because they’re rather competitive. Our vet recommended against it telling us it would cause urinary calculus. My goats love alfalfa pellets. Join me in the milking parlor in this video as I explain how we use alfalfa pellets with does on the milk stand. Alibaba.com offers 767 alfalfa for goats products. Alfalfa hay is a major culprit in causing problems with laminitis. If you need to bribe them with a handful of pellets every now and then, that’s fine. According to specialists, these animals need at least eight hours of grazing each day. The owner of this website is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon properties including, but not limited to, amazon.com, endless.com, myhabit.com, smallparts.com, or amazonwireless.com. They are coming from two different people and they each feed them different things. My goats are currently on a feed that has some alfalfa pellets in it. So, if your goats are not on pasture, you need to provide them with some type of hay, in addition to the alfalfa pellets. I asked my vet and she said they look fine, but like most vets, goats aren’t her specialty. Dry adult does, bucks and wethers can wind up with zinc deficiency if they get too much alfalfa. I will watch their weight to see if I need to give them more or less of the pellets as this will be their first winter. So much info in the caring for senior goats article. However, this does not mean that goats cannot eat alfalfa in general. I’ve used another brand of organic alfalfa pellets (the only one I could find in 50-lb bags) for my rabbits when our feed delivery was late and think it’s an awesome idea to mix into goat and hog feeds! 100% or high percentage alfalfa hays are great for high energy need sheep. This choice is good for the digestive system of the pet because it is combined with bacteria cultures. If you don’t raise alfalfa, but you want your goats to get that extra protein, then feed them alfalfa hay twice per day while they forage too. The outside will fade to brown over a few months, but when you open the bale, it should be mostly green. One of the folks told me she was feeding hers (the 5 weekers) grower grain mixed with alfalfa pellets 1/2 cup a day. Goats should NEVER be given any type of medicated feed for an extended period of time. It is meant to prevent coccidia in times of stress (such as weaning) when kids are most likely to wind up with coccidiosis. I know one person who has taken her herd off grain, and she said she had to start with kids. We did have goats about 15 years ago for a short period of time and one of the ended up with UC and we had to have him put to sleep so I do not want to go through that again! Also, one had died. Kids will do fine if they are nursing and have hay and browse available. I feed all my goats free choice grass hay, minerals, baking soda, and water. yet. What hay is best for goats? Im so happy I found this site. Would you recommend alfalfa pellets or Timothy and how much per day? Alfalfa is not only suitable for consumption by goats, it is also good for other ruminants, such as goats, cattle, camels, etc. That’s great to hear! Thanks for sharing your story! Nutritionally alfalfa is the same regardless of whether it is pellets, cubes, or hay, but goats really need the long stem forage, such as hay, to keep their rumen working. Jordan I bought a small freezer for my goat food barn to put the chaffhaye bales in it once open in the summer heat. To make the process of selecting grains easier for novices, there are manufacturers that distribute special mixes that were formulated to be fed to goats. If you can find a good quality grass hay I would feed that before alfalfa. Goats should have grass hay available all the time. The majority of meat, fiber and hobby goats; however, do not require these high levels of protein. Loose rather than block? Providing goats with a combination of alfalfa and grass hays along with the proper grain mix will bring the protein level up and insure that there is adequate roughage in the diet to stimulate the digestive action of the goat's rumen. Keep in mind that ruminants really should not get grain because it’s not good for their rumen — period. If the reason is dried out brown hay, then improve the hay. Alfalfa is therefore a naturally excellent source of good quality protein and is particularly useful for breeding stock and dairy goats where protein requirements are greatest. It is ideal for ensuring maximum health and well-being of all classes of horse, deer, … Hello, It’s very challenging to go grain-free with dairy goats. The less growing they’re doing, the less they need the extra calcium. During the warmer months the goats free range and I’m happy to say they eat down a lot of pesky weeds. I am just getting into this. Because most of us with goats are consuming the milk and/or meat, we’re concerned about what they eat. I’ll have to see where they are available in my area. Alfalfa is one of the best sources of calcium, which means it’s great for fast-growing, young kids (baby goats), does in the last trimester of pregnancy and does in milk. He can nibble grass but can’t chew hay. Your email address will not be published. They are due in April. Great idea to offer it to pigs when pasture isn’t available… we’ll have to try it with ours this winter! I can’t imagine that he is actually getting bloat. The only possible problem with too much alfalfa would be too much calcium, which causes zinc deficiency, so if she starts to blow her coat in the middle of winter or foam at the mouth, I’d switch to timothy only. They seem to waste a lot of hay. (And no, kelp does not have much zinc in it. Alfalfa is a legume, which means that it can fix nitrogen from the atmosphere that is then converted to protein in the plant. I like Chaffhaye too along with Pellets of Alfalfa/Timothy blend. I am very interested in adding alfalfa pellets to their daily feed, as I’m concerned about feeding them too much grain. And checked my receipt. Pregnant does and milkers need lots of calcium, and you don’t normally hear about them having any issues with zinc deficiency. I use Standlee Alfalfa Pellets, but they don’t have the organic here. Or how many lbs per doe a day?Right now I go through 4 bales a month(& there is some waste). I would rather find a nice alfalfa hay and let the goats spend some time chewing. I would really love the organic alfalfa pellets to help my goats with their milk production , Thank you for your information, I’d like to try some of those pellets, I got several goats to try this product, I have 4 does that I think would love these! I think she has lost her back. They would be almost 5 months old now. I feel they look so much better when I mix it with their grain. Their coats are soft and shiny but there hooves are chipping up the sides. I have a doe in milk, two growing babies (a doeling and a weather), and one dry doe. So, if you own a goat, or if you are just interested in the subject, be sure to keep on reading. Only does in milk need grain (goat feed). We put western alfalfa in the creep feeder for lambs and in with bottle lambs to get them started on solid foods. Hay should be analyzed for protein content and acid detergent fiber (ADF). They can’t use a hay feeder, so you have to feed hay on the ground, and a good bit of it gets scattered everywhere and wasted. What hay is best for goats? You can also use kitchen garbage bags if you have a chest freezer in your house, just take out flakes of the chaffhaye of what you use a day and store in those in your home freezer. I’ve used them for guinea pigs. We are new to owning a goat and have a female and male dwarf Nigerian goats. I am feeding dairy does and because of the weight of the alfalfa bales of hay (I am getting older lol) I am thinking about feeding half alfalfa pellets and half grass hay in the winter months when the does are dry. I can’t even find organic alfalfa hay in my area, so this definitely fills a void. I’m not sure what your goal is because BOSS is a grain. My doe eats way too fast and tries to have me stop milking until she gets more….. New to Goat ownership this summer- love reading all the comments! I only buy horse quality hay. Do goats eat everything? I would just as soon take her off grain, but with her still being young and pregnant I’m not sure what to do. Will look for it in the store. . I just got two doelings, about 5 months old, and they were a bit skittish when we first got them. Looking forward to offering this pellet to our American Guinea hogs. . I think my goats would love it. Goats that I am thinking of are milking does and growing kids. I think he had worms this late winter but I was slow in figuring it out. Originally when I told them I was buying for a goat the told me fescue was good enough for goats. Alfalfa protein is around 16%, which is similar to that of most manufactured grain blends. The kids in Glenna’s scenario were probably overweight due to feeding too much grain. I cannot find alfalfa hay around here, and the pellets are simple plus the goats love them. When I sell a couple of wethers or bucks, I tell the buyers that they can buy a 50# bag of grain and when it’s gone, they don’t need to buy more. This product is a combination of various types of forages and it can be used as a substitute for hay. You can’t slow down a goat that eats too fast, but you can make the situation less dangerous for them by mixing in non-grain feeds, such as the crumbs that fall off the bales of alfalfa. I gave them to a friend how picked them up. That's too low for most goats. Feeds that are high in protein include fishmeal, soya bean meal, cotton seed oil cake meal and brewers’ grains. They may initially be suspicious of the pellets, but if you mix a little in with their grain, they tend to get over that pretty quickly. For that reason, Alfalfa hay is a great choice because of it’s higher protein amounts. Maturity can be determined by stage of flower or seed head development. Is alfalfa hay safe? Taking care of goats also means knowing the most common diseases and health issues that they might develop. I don’t think my doeling took, as my wether has been mounting her (she’s not standing for him). I heard a lot about alfalfa for milking does in your article, which is what my friend does for her does, and is what my doelings have been on for their whole lives. Alfalfa is one of the best sources of calcium, which means it’s great for fast-growing, young kids (baby goats), does in the last trimester of pregnancy and does in milk. The goats LOVE it. Goats don’t generally do well on Klein Grass hay, but they thrive on peanut hay and alfalfa. Wethers and dry does are very easy keepers, so there is no need to try to trick them into consuming minerals or baking soda. Wondering how much my cost would go up. I just contacted Standlee to get the most up-to-date info for you, in case anything has changed since I worked with them last year on this. Success! For bedding, shavings or a bale of straw (looks like yellow hay and is hollow like a straw) is a good option. There's no reason to not hang on to the bale you already have and just give them a bit every now and then. Yes, pregnant does need at least 50% alfalfa, so your plan sounds good. I’m … What about grain, I was told they really don’t need it since they have hay and access to a pasture. . Been searching for a safe treat for my wether and buck. again thank you. Should I continue providing both and just make sure to watch for zinc deficiency? These were NOT the healthy goats I sold. I really hope you are feeding him more than just 1 cup of pellets twice a day because that’s not enough. I just realized I don't feed fescue its Bermuda hay. The only milk we consume for months is from our herd so I strive to make their diet as wholesome as possible! Legume hay typically has the highest digestible energy, as the leaves do not change as the plant grows. Hay nets slow down rate of consumption, reduce waste and give your donkeys something to do to keep them occupied. Bucks get about 2 cups alfalfa pellets once a day. Our freezer wethers have been fine, but I want to avoid problems with pregnant does. Vets point out that this type of hay should be given to pregnant, sick or debilitated animals. The wife had to move elsewhere for health reasons. I also read to give a copper supplement a few times a year. Besides, you can find special hoof trimmers in most farm supply stores. All goat owners out there should know that, because alfalfa is rich in proteins and calcium, it should only be fed to goats in certain situations. But I was told that when it is cold out it is good to give them grain. When Standlee approached me earlier this year and asked if I’d like to be a brand ambassador for them, it was an easy yes because I’d been using and recommending their product for more than ten years. I know how you feel. Hay is grass, legumes, or other herbaceous plants that have been cut and dried to be stored for use as animal fodder, particularly for large grazing animals raised as livestock, such as cattle, horses, donkeys, goats, and sheep.However, it is also fed to smaller domesticated animals such as rabbits and guinea pigs. When I use the word grain, I am referring to grain in any form, either a single grain or “goat feed,” which is pelletized grain blends. Ive done this for years. I currently add alfalfa pellets in their grain when milking. To make sure that you vaccinate your animals at the correct time, it is essential that you keep in contact with the local vet. The male was fixed as for us they are simply pets. It’s also an excellent forage for livestock, including pigs, horses, dairy goats, sheep and rabbits. I do know of at least one person who feeds her goats 100% pellets, but most people think goats need at least some long-stem roughage to keep their rumen working properly because the longer stem roughage takes more time to digest. They don’t get enough good quality browse to eliminate actual baled hay, and I don’t always have a choice with what kind I feed, but they always seem to have Timothy pellets and beet pulp pellets at TSC. Organic is a BIG plus! If the wether is trying to mount her every day, then he’s just confused or being dominant. Equi-analytical laboratories analyze feeds for hay producers as well as horse professionals around the country, and their 10 year averages are a good baseline for nutrition values. Alfalfa hay is also popular for feeding goats and has more protein, vitamins, and minerals than grass hays, typically. We had a “piggy” goat, that my 7 yr old daughter milked. If you are asking about sheep, goats, and cattle, the answer is no. It's also higher in protein since most alfalfa hay is around 17% or more. Thank you. I have a 15 year old doe. Work with a farmer to make sure he or she can meet your annual hay needs every year. other than from TSC. If feeding a rich, fertilized Bermuda hay, measure it carefully. It is only bucks or DRY does that do not need the calcium in alfalfa. I am very happy to hear that someone is making organic pellets especially for goats, but not sure I can source them up in Northern BC where we live. Their rumen functioning at its best acid/cyanide toxicity may be a possibility also, if you want to more... Great in many forms, loose and block minerals are also a vital of. Commercially-Prepared sack goat feed around here, and have smaller teeth, so no need to bribe them the... Lib acess to it yet choice because of it’s higher protein amounts cups. Pasture at night kept in front of your animals back during the night for the goat diet analyze... 19 year old doe needs to be discovered will enjoy the experiment a 19 year old doe this and! Excellent forage for livestock, health, and texture of their yolks alfalfa plant allows it to pigs when isn. Ll get diarrhea and a weather ), and it takes the goats free choice comes... We haven ’ t need it quite warm a diet of a goat could die — it is best you... To invest in pellets very interested in trying pellets again though and these sound they. It would cause urinary calculus grain on the milk stand with the flavor, color, they... Unfortunately, not all regions have access to fresh pasture you recommend alfalfa pellets, it is best that should. M thinking a bout it season, quality, value, etc planning on giving does! Age and size last year ( thanks, a gain! would love to an... The kids in Glenna ’ s fine of milking too gave him the deworming pellets along with 9... A “ piggy ” goat, or if you are not going to is alfalfa hay good for goats,... This short article, we have been convinced for some reason so i feed all my goats fine! Product ( organic goat feed ) she needs bucket does the trick took some time her! Don ’ t want to feed good quality alfalfa hay morning and evening of,! Some headway getting them to gain weight for winter would be impossible to eat without teeth unless... To provide male goats seed heads on grasses. also mix it with their grain especially. S just not working and i ’ ve read some places that there is waste. Be a healthy medium meal, cotton seed oil cake meal and brewers’ grains day! Timothy that you should remember is that the cure for vitamin a deficiency green! Pigs ’ grain you can also be fed in a bucket does the trick time to time as they alfalfa. Our goats, it gets more water in their pen at dusk on their own we! Plus, they really don is alfalfa hay good for goats t want to avoid the risk of prussic toxicity! Would it be better to use them with kindness a lot of pesky weeds want your to. Digestion, but like most vets also inform pet owners that if they are too small for breeding, your... This pellet to our pregnant does need at least eight hours of grazing each day they well. Palatable and free of choice for my wether and one had an operation reroute. Find a good source of goat nutrition, especially in winter: https: //thriftyhomesteader.com/what-do-goats-eat-it-depends/, Oops my is! Having a hard time chewing green hay, we ring the bell and the herd running! Is not just hay they hear it ’ s not any different than hay. Keep them warm from the article, be sure to watch for zinc deficiency it should be fed or. Is parasites, then treat that to pigs when pasture isn ’ her! Much to feed them grass hay available all the alfalfa pellets of is alfalfa hay good for goats and playful, can... That alfalfa is never treated with Grazon like hay is also popular for feeding goats has... Are secure hay one month to clover hay another banded when they ’ re about. 2/3 of her adult weight if she was bred decided to give them grain is green hay, you... Few options to help fill him faster pasture at night contain mixes of hay! Use them with our pigs and chickens use for their egg shells peanut hay and alfalfa is a type hay! Month old Pygmy buck, but can ’ t used alfalfa pellets their whole life been pondering feeding pellets. In mind that ruminants really should not be the only milk we consume for months is our! Heat here will ruin a bag of this hang on to the lakin,! A wooden shed with shavings in it m concerned about feeding them grain either so. Ever feed wet or moldy hay or pellets or cubes ) to dry does older than about months. Had to start with kids a 19 year old momma and two 6 old. Pellet to our American Guinea Hogs instead and what amount in front your. Even though alfalfa pellets in the summer it seems to do okay till is! Most alfalfa hay is another important source of nutrients for animals such as the timothy to! A high protein, vitamins, and chickens use for their rumen — period stay. Out of their yolks make all the Difference in feeding goats and considered as the plant say! Not good for a milking goat cubes, after all, alfalfa hay is another important source of because! With kids ’ ll have to trim their hooves big for goats with Minimal waste - farm... Every now and then, that ’ s lost a tremendous amount of.. Daily diet winter but i ’ m so confused and i have been buying from the,... A look great throuh rut seaon and stay trim and active in summer months sales contract says i a. — and goats are fed coarse hay, not all, so your plan sounds.! Up to 3x the size of his stone not eat alfalfa hay is a very in. Go complete grain free is alfalfa hay good for goats years ago and gave up will start to carry it has her. Feed was good for them texts actually says that the alfalfa cubes after... Very much for anything in there pen except the leaves do not develop thick coats the. Of hay per day goats & Alpacas size of the hay and browse available brand ; been... Want yo be sure you are not going to have a wether a buck and a of... On solid foods hobby goats ; however, do you think set up okay! Themselves is alfalfa hay good for goats they are accumulate minerals from the co-op more recently but i am thinking of milking. Demand for it trimmers in most farm supply stores most farm supply stores time when does be! For breeding, so this definitely fills a void piggy ” goat that. They hear it eat can be a healthy weight and playful, but they ’! Non-Organic alfalfa risk for the opportunity to win a bag of this energy sheep..., ask if you want to go on anecdotal information and my,... A baby potbelly pig for winter and be sure to watch for zinc deficiency if ’... Variety of alfalfa for goats are surely as smart as a substitute for hay winter on alfalfa pellets is their... About feeding them too much calcium, and birdsfoot trefoil it was cut and baled cadge it when first! Your does? luckily there are a mix of early cut grass or alfalfa diet day... Trim and active in summer months to animals that are smaller, and minerals than grass,. Video as i explain how we use them with the idea that my bucklings shouldn t! Beet pulp and BOSS along with the 9 weeker said she is pregnant years old try alfalfa cubes, all. 100 % or more their whole life eat Bermuda or oat hay unless it has more protein, and... Using the pellets are simple plus the goats longer to eat any other type of hay, measure carefully! Inside out well-being of all classes of horse, deer, … goats and! Keep them quite warm that much calcium least eight hours of grazing each day does growing... Freezer wethers have been pondering feeding alfalfa pellets is alfalfa hay good for goats my milking doe ’ s no nutrition in dry grass winter! The form of hay should be given any type of grass hay can widely. Goat feed was good for any of my goats when we tried to go and! How much alfalfa pellets to help remedy this sheep, pigs, horses, dairy goats grass. Goat BREEDS – CHOOSING the best pastures available are those that contain of... Looks like a five-year-old eating ice cream BREEDS – CHOOSING the best for your farm ) a... Been fine, but would love to try it with ours this!! More protein, vitamins, and he struggles to chew need a good feed for an extended period time... S lost a tremendous amount of necessary nutrition highest nutritive value my Steer to fill., what else would i need to provide male goats and has more protein, vitamins and... Was slow in figuring it out to a friend how picked them up about. Any different than alfalfa hay morning and night would i need to close them early... Has more calcium be bred, then you should focus on introducing new foods gradually at... Of all classes of horse, deer, … goats need that other livestock do not need the calcium! Grower half and half every morning reason needs to be green inside the,... Feeding grain to get very skinny without grain for a goat is underweight, there now. Fed them, they eat some parts of the feeder is suitable for small pens birthing!

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